Saturday, 22 January 2011

In the beginning was the word.....

..... and the word was with Blog, and the word was Blog!

In 1993 my partner in crime Faith Nolton (Jan Morgan Wood) created Sacred Hoop Magazine, and by hook or by crook now, some eighteen years later, we still - four times a year - put out an issue and send it out to readers all over the world.
   Sacred Hoop is a way of life for us, we measure the seasons of the year by solstices, equinoxes and issues, and we do it because the shamanic understanding of the world presented on it's pages is how we live our lives.
   So, this will be a blog about how I practice shamanism, and about how we put the Sacred Hoop magazine together, and also about my reflections on aspects of shamanism and sacred creativity as well.
   So I hope you enjoy the ramblings of an editor's mind that will occur in these entries as the blog unfolds

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